Animation (After Effects)

  • Age: 10 years old and above
  • Software: Adobe After Effects
  • Solo Class: PHP 7,500.00
  • Group Class: PHP 5,000.00
  • Professional Class: PHP 9,500.00

Course Overview

Bring pictures into life. Learn 2D animation using Adobe After Effects. This application enables students to animate, modify, and create using various animation tools and plug-ins. This course is not just for beginners but also advanced users of Adobe After Effects, as both will surely benefit upon completing the course.

Animation 1

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Basic Animation 
  • Interface Tour
  • Animation Fundamentals
  • Animating Shapes and Text on canvas. 
  • Sample Demo Day 
  • Rigging 
  • Nested Animation 
  • Research and Animation Application
  • Setting up a project
  • Final Examination and Project Critique

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