Graphic Design

  • Age: 10 years old and above
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop
  • Solo Class: PHP 7,500.00
  • Group Class: PHP 5,000.00
  • Professional Class: PHP 9,500.00

Course Overview

Unleash your creativity through graphic designing. This course series allows students ages 10 years old and above to explore Adobe Photoshop and maximize their skills and talent in graphic design, photo creation, and creativity. Adobe Photoshop is one of the most recommended raster-based programs that are best suited for illustrations and paintings.

Graphic Design 1

An introductory course to the basics of Photoshop. Students will be familiar with the multiple tools, uses, and functions of Photoshop where they can create a work of art or retouch any photo easily.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Photoshop Interface
  • Layers & Basic Retouching Tools
  • Adjustment Layers
  • The Pen Tool
  • Basic Typography

Graphic Design 2

This course maximizes the existing knowledge learned in Photoshop 101 and further improves photoshop skills.

Course Outline:

  • Photoshop Basic Tools (Refresher)
  • Creative Photo Manipulation (Types, Composition, and Concepts) 
  • Overlay Effects, Textures, and Adjustment Layers
  • Typography
  • GIFs

Graphic Design 3

This course allows students to focus on photo creation, composition, and intermediate Photoshop techniques to further boost creativity and Photoshop skills.

Course Outline:

  • Basics Review & Double Exposure Lesson
  • Green Screen Composites, Lighting and Advanced Blending Modes
  • Cartoon Effect Portraits with the Filter Gallery
  • Advanced Photo Manipulation with the Transform Tool and Puppet Tool
  • Photoshop Timeline Review & Exporting GIFs (Program requirement: Adobe Media Encoder)

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