Jr. Programming

  • Age: 7 years old and above
  • Solo Class: PHP 7,500.00
  • Group Class: PHP 5,000.00

Course Overview

Scratch Programming is a good start in starting your journey in #ProgrammingTomorrow. Want to learn about programming, but do not know where to begin? Scratch allows students to learn the basics of programming: Logic Formulation.

Jr. Programming 1

This course introduces computer science using Scratch, a programming language developed by MIT, which will allow students to develop their logic skills and will prepare them for advanced programming languages in the near future. This will help students develop their logic skills as a preparation for more advanced programming languages and concepts.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to the Scratch Interface
  • Decisions
  • Looping
  • Character Gravity Mouse and Keyboard Events

Jr. Programming 2

Learn how to develop more interactive games with Scratch. This camp allows students to explore advanced concepts in Scratch programming, particularly user interfacing. Students will be able to develop an interactive game by the end of this camp.

Course Outline:

  • Review of basic concepts
  • Game design
  • Animation
  • Debugging
  • Game development

Jr. Programming 3

Learn more on how to develop games with Scratch extensions. This camp allows students to expand their knowledge and skills with the use of extensions included in Scratch programming. By the end of this camp, students will be able to develop games using all Scratch concepts and extensions taught in this programming series.

Course Outline:

  • Pen extension
  • Functions: Basics
  • Functions: Parameters
  • Platformer
  • Game Development


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