Roblox Game Design

  • Age: Ages 7 - 14
  • Software: Roblox Studio
  • Solo Class: PHP 7,500.00
  • Group Class: PHP 5,000.00

Course Overview

Maximize your Roblox gaming experience by creating your own game through Roblox Studio. Roblox is a gaming platform that is popular among kids these days. Through this course, kids will learn all about the basic and advanced concepts of Roblox and game development and design.

Roblox Game Design 1

Students will learn about the most basic parts of how to use Roblox Studio, Basic Game Development, Game Design, Coding, and Play Testing.

Course Outline:

  • Orientation and Introduction
  • Lobby Setup
  •  Part and Platform Setup 
  • Part Coloring & Spawnlocation Setup
  • Continuation of Spawnlocation Setup
  • Making Scripts and Scripting
  • Creating Color Changing Blocks through Coding
  • Using Variables and Looping
  • Adding Multiple Colors to a Block through Looping
  • Finishing Touches

Roblox Game Design 2

Students will learn advanced concepts in Roblox Studio, including coding and game design concepts.

Course Outline:

  • Project setup, Terrain Design, and Planning
  • Leaderboard Creation and Coding
  • Continuation of Leaderboard Coding, Harvestable Item Creation
  • Tool Setup and Coding
  • Leaderboard and Tool Connection, Object Reset after Collection
  • SellPlatform Creation and Coding
  • Coding of SellItem Function
  • UI Creation and Scripting for Buying Items
  • BuyItem Script Variable Creation and Checking
  • Getting your Game Ready for Publishing

Roblox Game Design 3

This course covers lessons on how to build custom characters, to customize cameras, and to explain client and server relationships for a multiplayer game.

Course Outline:

  • Introduction and Setup
  • Custom Character Creation
  • Camera Scripting
  • Character Movement Scripting
  • Enemy Scripting 
  • Enemy and Player Collision Scripting
  • Projectile Creation and Scripting
  • Projectile Spawning Scripting
  • Leaderboard Creation and Scripting
  • The Process of Earning Robux

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