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Game Development

This course introduces Unity as a game development platform, focusing on the basics of the Unity Editor for creating a simple 3D game with rudimentary assets and controls.


Build a robot with Philippine Coding Camp! Learn how to code successfully and build your very own machine. This course covers the basics of coding, wireless technology, and electronic components for robot-building.

Data Science

This course will enable students to learn how to manipulate, operate, and apply using eigenvalues and eigenvectors and with the involvement of Python Programming and Linear Algebra.


Acquire programming skills through Philippine Coding Camp! If you want to enter the world of software development, this course is for you. Here at PCC, we offer programming classes for ages 10 years old and above that are fun,...

Jr. Programming

Scratch Programming is a good start in starting your journey in #ProgrammingTomorrow. Want to learn about programming, but do not know where to begin? Scratch allows students to learn the basics of programming: Logic Formulation.

Roblox Game Design

Maximize your Roblox gaming experience by creating your own game through Roblox Studio. Roblox is a gaming platform that is popular among kids these days. Through this course, kids will learn all about the basic and advanced concepts of Roblox and...

About Us

Philippine Coding Camp is a digital learning center for children, teens, and adults. Through our passion for innovation and our deep understanding of learning development, we equip students with the technical abilities they need to pursue a career in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEM).

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We are the leading education partner of schools and service provider for businesses

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We provide quality education with over a thousand enrollees and 80% renewal rate

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Being the leading digital center in the Philippines, we continue to pursue global excellence

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don’t see the course I am interested at in your catalog. Do you offer special programs?

    The Philippine Coding Camp has a number of professionals with various industry experience. If the program you wish to study is not on our list, just send us an email and we can talk about matching you with one of our industry mentors. Special programs shall fall under the 1-on-1 class rates.

  • I’m new to programming, where do I start?

    Depending on your age, we suggest starting with either the Jr. Programming 1 program. The Jr. Programming course is ideal for students with limited background in mathematics, as the program focuses on logic formulation. For students of a slightly mature age group, we recommend the Programming 1 course, which begins with C programming.

  • Where can I get a copy of the software, would I need to buy them

    In our courses, we only use software which are either open-source (free to use) or have free trials. The length of the trial is enough for the duration of the program.

  • What makes you different from other coding schools or from study

    While we do believe that anything can be learned online, our mentors are equipped with both the educational and professional experience needed in teaching you techniques, which you may not learn elsewhere. All our instructors are graduates from reputable schools and have the industry experience to teach our students the best practices and theories needed to become ready for the future.

  • My schedule doesn’t fit into any of your offered programs. Could

    1-on-1 classes can be opened by appointment, depending on both the student’s and mentor’s availability. For group classes, we can open one with a minimum of two students per class.

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