Our Courses

2D Modeling (AutoCAD)

13 years old and above

Dreaming to be an architect, engineer, or simply creating 2D drawings? Learn AutoCAD and pursue that dream of yours. In this course series, students will explore everything about AutoCAD – from the fundamentals to advanced topics. They will also learn the basic commands, shortcuts, and plotting coordinates.

3D Modeling (SketchUp)

10 years old and above

3D modeling and design can be for everyone. Learn how to effectively navigate SketchUp, a 3D modeling application used for a broad range of drawing and design. This course will help students to explore SketchUp and execute their creative and logical designs and ideas into the application.

Animation (Adobe Animate)

10 years old and above

Learn to incorporate your artistic and creative ideas into a motion picture. Learn the basic principles of animation using Adobe Animate. Students will be able to create their very own short animation by the end of this course.

Animation (After Effects)

10 years old and above

Bring pictures into life. Learn 2D animation using Adobe After Effects. This application enables students to animate, modify, and create using various animation tools and plug-ins. This course is not just for beginners but also advanced users of Adobe After Effects, as both will surely benefit upon completing the course.

Data Explorer

10 years old and above

Explore the world of data science and become familiar with programming at an early age! Become a data scientist with Python, a high-level object-oriented programming language that is beginner-friendly. Python is used not only in web, game, and software development but also in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and scientific computing.

Digital Art

10 years old and above

Harness your inner artist through Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is a powerful tool for creating complex graphics. As a vector graphics software, Illustrator allows you to style and design computer images using geometric and mathematical commands, without losing the quality of your artwork. Learn how to effectively maximize Illustrator and create a masterpiece through PCC.

Digital Design

10 years old and above

Discover your graphic designing skills through Canva. In this course, students will be able to create aesthetically pleasing graphics that are commonly used to improve social media profiles, school and office presentations, and even businesses.

Digital Illustration

10 years old and above

Paint artworks and masterpieces without having to handle the mess of paint through Procreate. Procreate is a raster graphics editor application for digital painting, specifically designed for artists to have a natural feel of drawing on paper while working digitally. Students will learn the basics of digital painting, as well as the concepts of color blending, layering, and maximizing digital art tools.

Game Development

7 years old and above

This course introduces Unity as a game development platform, focusing on the basics of the Unity Editor for creating a simple 3D game with rudimentary assets and controls.

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